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What it’s all about

Domestique is here to help cyclists of all abilities understand their performance in greater detail. We love cycling and want to see you do your best when your out cycling with friends, training or racing.

We believe that the data about your rides should remain yours and as such everything is accessible on your mac without the need for an internet connection. Having an inernet connection when importing rides helps as it allows for geolocation of the ride start point to provide a title to the ride.


  • See a map of where you’ve been on each ride
  • Get understanding of elevation profiles
  • Know what your speed, heart rate and power are during the ride

Subscription features

Want to support the development of Domestique.app while gaining some better insight into your cycling? Being a subscriber will gain you access to features such as

  • Training zones based on heart rate and ftp
  • Weekly, monthly and yearly breakdown of how much cycling you’ve done

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